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3 entrepreneurs under 20 who became millionaires

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It is amazing to see how in every generation there is a group of young entrepreneurs who stands out not only for its ability to create business, but also by the possibility of reaching large fortunes at such a young age. These are the cases of Donyy Ouyang, Jessica Mah and Cameron Johnson who since their childhood have achieved great goals and money.


Ouyang Donyy

This young man only 17 years founded Kinkarso Network, a platform that allows you to interact in social networks, listen to music, find information and buy from internet. His eagerness to develop web pages has made this boy a young successful. At his young age he began earning $6.500 a month and a bank opted for him to invest $25,000 in one of their projects online.


He has won many awards including the Student Entrepreneur Provincial Champion for Ontario in 2011. He represented Canada at the G20 Congress Youth Entrepreneurs Alliance.

Jessica Mah

Things seem easy for Jessica Mah, a teenager who at age 13 started his company Indinero.com, a business that is responsible for analyzing and managing the finances of small businesses, providing them with the necessary advice. She came to Silicon Valley and grossed $1.2 million to invest in InDinero, growing his team to 7 people and handling about $2 trillion in customer transactions.


After high school, Jessica studied computers at the University of California. She was always determined to make her own business because she did not seem the fact employed work for someone else.

Cameron Johnson and his entrepreneurship at 9 years

He started his first business at age 9 and before graduating from high school, he was recognized as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the world. As a teenager, he performed more than a dozen profitable businesses and at age 15 became the youngest American to belong to the directory of a company located in Tokyo. Last year, Cameron was chosen as a finalist in the series The Big Give Oprah Winfrey.


At 9, she started her design business invitations for a party that made their parents. This earned him income and gradually it became known to family and friends. Cheers and Tears, His company sold thousands of greeting cards. Another business focused on placing an eBay store where he sold dolls. He also created a company called Surfingprizes.com selling advertising space on the Internet. Today Cameron is dedicated to give lectures to young entrepreneurs and professionals. With amassed wealth, he has great taste for investing in television programs.

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