» » A 19 year old boy goes to work at McDonald’s to be a millionaire

A 19 year old boy goes to work at McDonald’s to be a millionaire

Parc_336 13 de September del 2016 Business

After investing his money online, Robert Mfune managed to build a huge fortune.


When he was 16, Robert Mfune of Southampton, UK, worked at McDonald’s while studying at the same time. But Robert combined school and work as a waiter with other less age appropriate tasks: performing investments from his bedroom to learn the basics of binary trading, a form of trading online when performing errands for an investment firm for which he worked after school.

So Robert soon began to operate himself from his home and at age 17 had already earned enough money to buy a luxury car, a Bentley worth 150,000 euros. Now, with 19 years, Robert has bought his mother a house and a car. He has not even turned 20 years old and is already a millionaire.


So the young Briton that when he was 17 years created his own trading account with his mother’s name for legal reasons in his first steps in investments. Until he met a guy who knew what he was doing, he became his companion and then, as soon as he turned 18, he started a trading account under his own name.


The rest is history. Serving burgers and fries, Mfune hung his McDonald’s uniform and accumulated an impressive amount of money, both in England and as in their home country, South Africa, investing his money in cafes and in the real estate sector in both the UK and South Africa, its country of origin.


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