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A Man charges €5,400 for sleeping with women

Parc_336 24 de September del 2016 High Life

Although the criminalization of prostitution, this has some media attention around the world, trying to visualize the sex workers who exercise this profession freely, male prostitution remains a hidden issue. The male prostitution it is a invisible group, probably because the focus is on female sexual exploitation. The UN estimates that some 140,000 women are abducted for sexual exploitation networks each year in Europe. Far from this controversy is male prostitution, which demand has increased exponentially.


Ryan James, one of these companions, is clear. He works in Sydney, which offers various services costing between €359 and €5,480, ranging from one hour to a whole night in a hotel until an all weekend. That’s one of the big differences between male and female: when prostitution is heterosexual, according to experts, the move is mostly female customers in the luxury sector; one factor among others around the business of sexual exploitation. In the ‘high standing’, prostitution usually exercised by choice both for men and women.


James explained that he believes when women pay to have sex is nearly for pleasure. He says: I have been with divorced or married clients, but have many of them had not having sex in a long time, I have also had been with virgin women and couples who want to have a threesome. His services are claimed by women of all ages, and some are seeking amazing things. Comments that Several of his clients can go to a bar and perfectly can flirt with any guy in the room. If they asked for a massage on the back, dozens of guys would say yes; but when you want a specific sexual experience, it is harder to get it. One of the most important factors is to give each customer to know what he wants.

One of the services offered is what he calls the 50 Shades of Grey experience, is a soft bondage session that caused a sensation among its clients, often with the desire to try different things. Some of these women have or may have a fairly complete sexual life without resorting to paid for sex, but by a series of circumstances leads them to be dissatisfied with the routine or sexual practices that carried out in their daily routine, and they prefer to rely on the discretion of a stranger.


James Ryan explains, they just not want to have sex but also company.

 That is not a requirement only for women. The search for some human warmth, although it is necessary to pay for it is more common than we think when people go to erotic services. They are people who often seek in erotic intimacy to someone who understands their frustrations and also not judge them by that and feel ashamed.



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