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A New Fortune for the Beckham Family

Emily 7 de September del 2016 High Life
With a world famous football (soccer) player and former Spice Girl/current fashion designer at the helm, the Beckham family has managed to accumulate a net worth of some £500 million (approx. $670 million) when you combine David Beckham and Victoria Beckham’s wealth.

Now it looks like another member of the family is starting to make his own way and find ways to start building his own small fortune, following in the footsteps of his parents.

The eldest of the Beckham children, Brooklyn, age 17, spends most of his time behind the camera – which is appropriate and expected, given that he is studying photography. But Brooklyn has managed to pull in a decent sum of money for his work in front of the camera: £100,000 (approx. $135,000) for an ad campaign for Chinese cell phone company Huawei. Not bad for a kid with no modeling experience until now.brooklyn beckham huawei fortune

He has appeared on a magazine cover or two in his time (it’s hard to be the child of two celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham and avoid it entirely), but this seems to be the first time he’s been the brains of the operation.

Considering that most kids Brooklyn’s age are working odd jobs or part time at fast food restaurants, £100,000 for an ad campaign is pretty impressive, and definitely a good way to start if he intends to amass a fortune similar to that of his parents.

He’s not the first of the Beckham kids to get a nice paycheck for what amounts to comparatively little work (and with very little experience): younger brother Romeo earned a cool $68,000 for a two-hour job with designer fashion brand Burberry.

With a salary like that, I doubt that either Brooklyn or Romeo will be getting an allowance from their parents anymore.

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