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America’s Top 8 Colleges for Lucrative Careers

Emily 6 de October del 2016 High Life
When it comes to evaluating colleges, the most important factor is how much that school helps its students to succeed in life. Choosing the right school is the key to a brilliant future with more probabilities to get the best employment offers, and pass through wider doors towards a great career.

Here we have a list of the best colleges in America that prepare their students for success.


Best colleges in the US for student success

  1. Pomona College, California. It is a private liberal arts college that offers 47 majors and 600 classes. Pomona emphasizes communication between faculty and students. This college provides study abroad in 34 countries.
  2. Williams College, Massachusetts. It is a highly elite liberal arts school. Students can choose from 36 majors.
  3. Stanford University, California. It is a private university which is known for its strength in research. A number of leaders in government and finance have been produced by Stanford University.
  4. Princeton University, New Jersey. It is one of the oldest colleges in the country. Undergraduates can choose from 36 academic departments. Princeton’s library is home to about seven million books and a collection of rare books, archives, and prints.
  5. Yale University, Connecticut, which is home to four museums and 440 buildings and a unique collection of musical instruments. Students can select from 2000 courses and 81 majors.
  6. Harvard University, Massachusetts. This college was the country’s first higher learning institution. Harvard alumni are some of the most famous people in the world. It boasts the largest endowment in the USA at $36 billion.
  7. Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania. It is a private liberal arts school where students can select from 40 courses of study. Swarthmore produces most of the Ph.D. students in the country and 20% of alumni enter doctoral programs after graduation.
  8. Brown University, Rhode Island. This one has notable alumni including John F. Kennedy, UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson and CNN founder Ted Turner.

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