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Habits to be the best at what you do

pagoskawaii 30 de August del 2017 Business
To be the best at what you do, it is not enough to be disciplined. Personal growth is about overcoming fears, getting out of your comfort zone and fighting for what you want until you become tired.

Just as lions, successful people interested in developing their personal growth, follow these habits that differentiate them from the sheep, those people who follow each other.

Habits to strengthen your personal growth

1-. Get up before dawn

Most people wake up and go straight to work, do homework assignments, have lunch, go to the house and live like that routinely.

The lion rises before dawn. He wakes up between four and five in the morning. When others are just awake, people focused on their personal growth have already done the work they ought to do.

Lions include this practice in their things to do on weekends. Do not slip into the mentality of mediocrity, so they are very clear what they must do to reach their goals.

2-. Take a shower with cold water

While most people do not dare to take a cold shower, a lion takes one every day. It does not matter if it is summer or winter, he knows that through this uncomfortable process, he will be mentally stronger and have more energy and vitality.

It is not a matter of bathing with cold water that will give your personal growth, is the ability to make difficult decisions. That is why successful people dominate the power of their mind to be able to differentiate themselves from others.

3-. To increase your personal growth, read at least an hour

What differentiates successful people from the rest? Let their personal growth every day of their life, they seek to constantly improve.

Successful people are looking to grow, so their past version does not compare to what they are today.

Lions, unlike sheep, read as many books as possible a year. What’s more, they know that to read 100 books a year should only spend 3% of the day.

Sheep read one book a year, if ever, since reading is not a habit that goes through your mind. A true lion knows that if he wants to get ahead in life and have accelerated personal growth, he must apply the knowledge he reads. He is a voracious reader and there is nothing that gets in his way.

4-. Complete homework daily

Lions, that is, successful people, take time out of their night to write down what doing the next day. When you know what you have to do, and the goal you are pursuing, it is very easy to focus 100% on the tasks to complete.

With the tasks to be done, a lion focuses 100 percent on completing them. No one will stop you from reaching them. He will not sleep until they are finished. Successful people have the discipline to succeed.

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