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Highest paid news anchors in history

Emily 22 de December del 2016 High Life
Most people don’t go into journalism for the money, but sometimes it works out to be a lucrative career. Here, we have the top 6 highest paid news anchors in US history.

Top 6 highest paid anchors

1-Ronan Farrow: produced Ronan Farrow Daily, the television program that aired on MSNBC from 2014 through 2015. Ronan received the third annual Cronkite award from Reach the world in February 2014, for excellence in exploration and journalism. He was a UNICEF spokesperson for youth in 2001.

2- Bill Weir: the anchor for CNN and former co-anchor of ABC. He joined CNN, where he was an anchor and correspondent, on October 12, 2013. He began the Wonder List program on CNN in 2015.

3- Byron Pitts: he was a lead reporter on CBS news and won a National Emmy Award for his coverage during the September 11 attacks. He covered major stories like the fall of the statue of Saddam Hussein, the war in Afghanistan, Hurricane Katrina, the refugee crisis in Kosovo, the Florida fires, the Elian Gonzalez story, the military buildup in Kuwait, the mudslides in central America, and the Florida presidential recount.

4- Natalie Morales: she is an anchor of The Today Show news and appears on many programs including NBC News and Dateline NBC. She moved to Los Angeles to become the anchor of Today Show West Cost. She will be the host of Access of Hollywood and Access of Hollywood Live. She continues as a correspondent for Dateline.

5- Willie Geist: he is an anchor on NBC’s Today and Sunday Today with Willie Geist and he is also a correspondent for NBC sports and NBC news, contributing to and hosting NBC’s Olympic coverage.

6- Steve Kroft: Kroft continues to file pioneering  reports for the program 60 Minutes . He won Emmy award in 1994 for his two stories: The first story was an exposé on the Cuban government policy of quarantine for people infected with AIDS. The second story was a profile of senator Bob Dole. He and the 60 Minutes team won Emmy awards for lifetime achievement.

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