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Hottest fashion brands among celebrities 2017

Emily 13 de April del 2017 Business
Bad AF Fashion

Bad AF Fashion

It seems like Instagram has become the new Facebook. All of today’s most relevant celebrities and brands are all about that IG. And in many cases, the two are interrelated, with celebrities, rich people and famous bloggers showing their followers what their favorite brands are in the form of likes, hashtags and comments. Sometimes, celebs will even feature these brands in their own Instagram photos.

Because of this, looking at a brand’s Instagram following can be a good indicator of how hot that brand is – or is going to become in the very near future. Here are three shining examples of three very different fashion brands that are killing it among celebrities and the public on Instagram.

Lorna Jane – Inspirational high-end activewear

This Australia-based activewear company is one of the most brand-savvy and Instagram-savvy businesses in the fashion industry right now. Their products are high-end but still accessible for some of their target demographic. More importantly, though, Lorna Jane is aspirational and inspirational. Any 20- or 30-something young woman who loves posting yoga tips and smoothie recipes on Pinterest will love the aesthetic of this brand.

Bad AF Fashion – Bold, sexy mid-range fashion

Bad AF Fashion is a relative newcomer to the fashion industry, but by any indication, it is on the up and up. The Australian startup fashion brand, started by a husband and wife team, has grown explosively. This is especially impressive when you consider that they operate with that small business mentality, designing and manufacturing every piece themselves.

While quality may be the focus of their craftsmanship, the real brand identity behind Bad AF Fashion is all in the name. It’s bold, fearless, sexy, confident – everything today’s women want to be. The Bad AF aesthetic has that unapologetic, daring sexiness we often see from the Kardashian sisters. As a matter of fact, Khloe Kardashian is one of the brand’s many Instagram followers, along with some of IG’s most influential models and fashion bloggers.

The combination of bold, exclusive design, quality craftsmanship and celebrity status at an accessible mid-range price are what makes Bad AF Fashion such an appealing brand and one of the hottest in 2017 so far.

Prada – Luxury designer accessories

Ah, Prada, true classic luxury. In contrast to the other two fashion brands, Prada is far from an emerging brand. The design house is over a century old, but has shown a remarkable ability to adapt to changing times. This luxury accessories favorite is considered one of the most successful fashion brands on Instagram, and ranks highest in brand interactions like hashtags and shares.

Considering how coveted Prada accessories have always been, they could have easily gotten complacent and felt that they didn’t even have to try. But they know that millennials and now gen Z are a whole new demographic that they will have to appeal to, just like they appealed to gen Xers through more traditional means.

Are you following these hottest fashion brands among celebrities on Instagram yet? There’s something here for every personal style, from the Gwyneth Paltrow’s to the Kim K’s to the Kate Middleton’s. So, what are you waiting for?

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