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The $30 Million Legacy of Juan Gabriel

Emily 30 de August del 2016 High Life
Anyone who is familiar with Latin music will recognize the name Juan Gabriel, or at least would recognize one of his hundreds of hit songs if it came on the radio. Fans are already well aware that Gabriel passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, August 28 in Santa Monica, CA from a sudden heart attack. The 66 year old Mexican singer was in the middle of a tour in the US called “México es todo” (Mexico is everything), and at the time of his death was ranked #18 on the list of top-earning musicians in the world. In 2015 alone, he earned $11 million.

juan gabriel inheritanceAlthough he has run into some trouble with tax authorities, both in the US and his native Mexico, he still managed to amass an inheritance of some $30 million for his heirs, which include his four children and some dear, trusted friends.

On top of that $30 million, there are also the rights to Gabriel’s more than 800 songs, and all of the income that is generated in royalties from his music.

It was reported in 2008 that the singer owed $13 million in the United States, after having previously been forced to pay approximately $1.2 million in back taxes in 1996. The amount that Gabriel currently owes to the Mexican government is not known, but is enough that the singer had negotiated a payment plan to settle the debt. It appears that this debt will also be inherited by Gabriel’s heirs.

Although all four children are included in Juan Gabriel’s inheritance, the singer did not have a good relationship with the three younger children, Joan, Jean and Jans. His relationship with his first son, Ivan, was very strong, however, and when he wrote his will, Gabriel named Ivan as the executor of his estate.

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