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These Salads Make You Fat and Your Wallet Thin

Emily 29 de November del 2016 High Life
We always think that salads must be a light and healthy, not to mention inexpensive lunch. But some kinds of salads can be bloated in both calories and price. So it’s not having any salad that helps us control our weight gain; it’s about choosing the kind of salad that is really healthy. Here are some of the salads that can make you fat:

  1. Chop’t: they offer ungodly choices and still have some 50 salad add-ons. For example, Wisconsin blue cheese, which they add to your salad, costs 99 cents and it is packed with 130 calories. Their Cobb salad bowl, which seems healthy, rocks 800 calories. If you want to burn off these salads, you need to do 2 hours of Pilates!
  2. Just Salad: they are obsessed with staying healthy and working out and they claim to be a fitness and nutrition ambassador. But their most popular salad, the Mediterranean Mix, contains 110 calories of Feta cheese and 190 calories of olives. To burn this kind of salad, you would have to do an hour and 55 minutes of Pilates.
  3. Fresh & Co: they rattle off the ubiquitous jargon about seasonality, freshness, and personal food. But Fresh & Co cares just about efficiency and speed: please sit down, eat your salad, and come again. Fresh & Co sells pure nonsense salads. For instance, The South Beach Salad, which contains their honey balsamic dressing (250 calories), with all its ingredients contains 900 calories. You would need an hour and 40 minutes to burn off this salad.
  4. Bareburger: Bareburger isn’t a salad restaurant, and it is even more terrible, because its Berry Blue Salad contains more calories than every single burger on the menu. Their supreme burger might be covered in bacon, cheddar cheese, chopped fries, special sauce, and onion rings all with 1,160 calories. You need over 2 hours of jogging to burn off this salad.

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