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Top 5 most expensive apps

Parc_336 29 de September del 2016 High Life

Apps have evolved these days in a very huge and profitable market, being sold and acquired by million each day, which is way it’s a very competitive industry. Despite a lot of free apps exist already; there are other apps that for a certain cost offer it´s better and very exclusive services.


However, some of the apps turn out to be extremely expensive. Here you’ll see some of the most expensive apps that have ever existed in the android history.


5- Got Cash? Cost: 200$

One of the most expensive apps even though his stupid concept, which is as Black Diamond, show that you have money.

4- Super Color Runner, Cost: 200$

A very expensive game that it isn’t a big deal compared with its price, it’s just about running and passing levels collecting balls through a path

3- Peek, Cost: 200$

It is a tool that allows you to manage your notifications without pressing any button, through sensors that work even when your phone is not turned on.

2- Zollinger Atlas of Surgery, Cost: 250$

This tool has a purpose and it’s useful for health professionals, and even though it has a really high cost allows easy access to valuable information

1- Black Diamond, Cost: 400$

It’s only function is simple, It only shows a black diamond floating on your phone, which is why it comes to be one of the most expensive apps and it’s just to show that you have money.


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