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2017 Technological Revolution

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Clothes that can notify your doctor, virtual reality sports broadcast and autonomous cars could become into a reality this year.

Gadgets to make homes more comfortable, sustainable, and cheap. T-shirts that can measure feelings, and control health, virtual reality sports broadcast, or plastic pieces that are as hard as metal, are some of the technological advancements that will revolutionize everything during 2017.

The unstoppable internet of things, 5G technology, new material such as graphene, advances in 3D printing, artificial intelligence and robotics are according to the physicist Richard Jiménez, some of the technologies that will hatch this year.

Smart Clothes.

Smart clothes, health-conscious clothing that warns the doctor, t-shirts that monitor the heart and sweat and detect mood, and swimsuits, or umbrellas that change color when they get in contact with water can now be purchased this year.

5G Connectivity.

5G connectivity will also revolutionize sports broadcasts with live virtual reality, so from the sofa at home will be like being in the tribune of the field, and see what you want and not what the TV producer decides.

Real-time virtual reality broadcast will be possible as if you were in the stadium, thanks to a 360-degree shooting, with a vision sphere that will change us how to enjoy sports at home.

4.0 Industry, the industry linked to the Internet of Things will also make a raise in 2017. There will be proliferation in the production plants sensors that will generate flows of infinity data that were until now wasted, and that will be processed in the cloud with algorithms of Big Data.


New materials, such as graphene, that future mineral, will be a reality, although in 2017 there will still be no transparent aircraft, that will take a little longer, we will see how graphene dust mixed with plastic will make it have metallic properties, as well as electrical and thermal conductivity, which will produce lighter and stronger parts.

That will be the first graphene revolution. Materials will be on display capable of exhibiting ‘magic’ behaviors such as changing geometrically according to temperature, useful for medical implants, or to adjust the sneakers Without need tying your laces.

Autonomous cars.

In 2017, artificial intelligence will make cars more autonomous. In 2009, some said that electric vehicles were a hoax, in 2014 connected vehicles were a fad, and for that reason the law would never allow them to travel alone.

Now we can see vehicles that park and brake alone. Therefore, along with artificial intelligence and connectivity, cars are safer than those driven by human intelligence.  Little by little we will see more things in cars that will turn them completely automating, until they will totally autonomous.

We can expect new more things this year in terms of technology, but without any doubt, this will be a great advantage towards any other thing we will see in 2017.

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