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6 Richest people in USA

Parc_336 21 de August del 2016 Luxury Life

Who are the richest people in United States of America? There are several magazines that always name people and show the information of those ones to answer questions like this. This year we can count the richest persons in USA.

Samuel Robson Walton

First at all, we have Samuel Robson Walton, he’s 70 years old and have a patrimony of thirty four thousands billion dollars, $ 34.8 billion, Mr. Robson is the older son from the legendary founder of Wal-Mart, Sam Walton.


Alice Walton

Then we have one of the richest women in the USA with a net worth of 34 billion dollars, she is Alice Walton, she is 64 years old, she’s one of the heiresses of Wal-Mart biggest fortune.


Michael Bloomberg

Next in the list is Michael Bloomberg, with 72 years old, he has a 35 billion dollars net worth. He is the main face of the Company Bloomberg LP.


Jim C. Walton

Jim C. Walton, is 66 years old and have a 36 billion dollars net worth, he’s the greatest shareholder from Wal-Mart Company.


Christy Walton

Christy Walton has one of the richest families the in USA, she is 59 years old and has 38 billion dollars net worth, she’s the richest woman in the United States, she is the sister in law of Alice Walton.


David Koch

Then we have David Koch, he is 74 years old and he has 42 billion dollars net worth, being the richest resident of New York City and the richest man in the USA.


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