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8 women richer than Donald Trump

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Being a woman has never been easy, but being an entrepreneur is even more complex. These 8 ladies built multimillionaire empires with their own hands. Let’s meet them. In 1994, very earlier that Donald Trump became U.S President, said that his problems with her former wife Ivanna were caused for her role as his Casinos administrator in Atlantic City.

In the same interview on ABC News said that if you let your wife working with you, can be very dangerous. He believed that it is a bad idea. He might be surprised that there are 5 entrepreneur women who are even richer than him who started their business with their husbands.

There are 8 businesswomen richer than Mr. Trump, whose heritage ascend to $3,700 million. This list includes some women from China that made their fortune at Trump’s land. On this list, we are going to go from the most discrete fortune, to the richest.

Rafaela Aponte.

Rafaela Aponte met her husband on a ferry. He was the captain of the boat and she was a passenger. In 1970 they created Mediterranean Shipping, now MSC, the second largest shipping container company in the world with 480 ships. She also designs interiors for some cruise companies.

Diane Hendricks.

Diane Hendricks and her husband Kenneth opened their first roofing company in 1982. They ran the business together until 2007, when Ken died in an unlucky way as he fell from the roof of his house while fixing his own roof. Diane received many offers during that time, but she continued with the company, which reports about $3,000 million-profit. Mother of seven, she has managed to double sales to $ 6 billion in a decade.

Lam Wai Ying.

Lam Wai Ying and her husband co-founded Biel Crystal Manufactory, which manufactures touch screens for smartphones and counts among its customers Apple and Samsung. She is CEO of the Hong Kong-based company and controls 49% of the company, while her husband holds 51%.

Wu Yajun.

Wu Yajun and her ex-husband co-founded the public real estate company Longfor. They have built more than 100 projects across China since 1993. She is a journalist, and she currently serves as CEO in the company.

Pollyanna Chu.

Pollyanna Chu, from Hong Kong, comes from a powerful family with hotels and casinos, but she decided to go her own way. She created Kingston Financial Group in 1992. The public financial services company soon became a large brokerage house with a market capitalization over $ 7 billion.

Chan Lai Wa.

Chan Laiwa runs Fu Wah International, the real estate company she founded in 1988. Based in Beijing, the company has built more than 150,000 square meters in the Chinese capital, including Jinbao Street development in Wangfujing District. Chan is a direct descendant of the Manchu dynasty, which did not facilitate a quiet childhood. Her family was so poor that in the 1940s, she left school and went to work.

Marian Ilitch.

She is now the richest self-made women in the United States; Her husband Mike died in February 2017 and she inherited her share of the companies she created and led together for many years. He was engaged in marketing while she was keeping accounts. Today, Little Caesars sells more than $ 4 billion in pizzas globally. Part of her fortune will surely go to one of her seven children.

Zhou Qin Fei.

The richest entrepreneurial woman in the world is Zhou Qun Fei, who grew up on a farm in central China and left school to work on a production line before starting her own company. The Hong Kong resident founded touchscreen manufacturer Lens Technology when she was 22. The publishing company now manufactures shells for Apple and Samsung mobile phones and tablets.

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