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A Yacht that has its own island

Parc_336 28 de September del 2016 Luxury Life

In many times when we talk about luxury vehicles we use to imagine things that can only be seen in movies, but also in many times there are some people who are responsible to make reality exceed fiction, the yacht that we are talking about it’s just a concept, that for the moment it only found on paper, but we don’t have to doubt that soon it will take shape, it’s about everything you may find in a tropical island, like flora, waterfalls, water, but all of this comes together harmoniously upon a luxury craft which obviously won’t be at the reach of many.


Tropical Paradise Island has as its objective make his passengers enjoy all the experiences of a tropical island, while they are navigating aboard this craft, an oasis upon the ocean, with pools and cabins where you can enjoy the sun, sand and all those quirks you can imagine that can be enjoyed by a person in any luxury touristic destination.


Something very interesting about this island is that it will replicate the structure of a volcano, which will make you feel in a Hawaiian island, and allow you to feel all the romanticism and adventure that is found in these places, the yacht will have 4 luxury private suites each one with a terrace, spa, bar and a deck, for if you wish to swim on the sea, helipad on top, and an area of 90 meters, with a capacity of 10 people reaching a speed of 15 knots, the manager of this project is the company Yacht Island Design.


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