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Etihad Airways and its luxury suites

Parc_336 27 de September del 2016 Luxury Life

A lot of us have dreamed about traveling around the world by plane, and even more doing it in first class, feel the treatment and the comfort that the airways offer in their first class seats, well Arab Emirates Etihad Airways has carried this experience a lot further, offering luxuries which only a few will be able to get, and it’s the most expensive plane suite which ticket value is $15.000 just the going ticket.

Etihad Airways

This suite receives the name of “The Residence” and can be found on the frontal part of the Airbus A380 with an area of 12 square meters, with a capacity for 2 persons, it has a bedroom, bathroom with shower, living room, 24 inch touchable led with 750 hours of entertainment and a Usb port so you can watch whatever you want from almost every device, Wi-Fi service and cell-phone, a mini-bar, a butler formed in Savoy academy which is the Great Britain most exclusive butlers academy, a janitor and a chef qualified in high quality food, all of this so your flying experience feels like being in a 5 stars hotel in the air, the Airbus A380 will offer flies from Abu Dhabi to London, New York, Paris, Sydney and Melbourne by now, some other destinations will be added soon.

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