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Houses built with plastic bricks that resembles to Lego blocks

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As new forms of construction continue to grow in popularity, architects around the world persist in their efforts to innovate in this industry. And one innovation in particular aims to revolutionize the market of home construction inspired by nothing less than a popular children’s toy.

Conceptos Plásticos is a company founded by Oscar Andrés Méndez, a Colombian entrepreneur who along with his partner, Fernando Llanes, started a company that proposes the construction of a house with plastic bricks that fit one another in an easy and efficient, as do the “Lego” style pieces.

How does it start?

This new system, which began with an investment of $ 30,000 dollars and soon gained the support of more investors that added up to $ 300,000, is based on the recycling of waste plastic and rubber products to transform them into materials suitable for the building.

This is achieved through an innovative alternative construction method, which translates into temporary and permanent housing, shelters, halls, sheds and other utilities. The plastic waste they recycle is melted and injected into a mold to produce plastic blocks. That is basically the procedure they follow according to its CEO explanation.

In describing this project for the Entrepreneurs Innovation Awards Changemakers, Mendez explains that plastic is a material whose biodegradation can take more than 500 years, and its final waste is often inadequate, especially when it comes to mixtures of different Plastics that make reuse complicated.

He explained that from an industrial extrusion process, someone can use this type of plastic and these conditions and transform these residues into quality building elements. The system consists of beams, blocks, columns and thresholds that together form the house.

Housing problems in Latin America.

In Latin America, Africa and Asia the housing deficit has an average percentage of 40% in many cases, and these manufactured elements work well for homes, emergency housing solutions, shelter, classrooms and any type of project that can dignify informal settlements.

One of the most interesting qualifications of this system is that you do not need previous experience in construction to build one of these houses. Beyond that, it is assured that four people can build a 40-meter family house in less than a week.

Other uses.

In the case of temporary shelters, the method offers a quick assembly and disassembly in case you need to move to another area. As the structure is made of plastic, it supports the movements that generate the earthquakes, and is also treated with special additives to make it resistant to fire. In other words, in addition to being more economical, the houses are earthquake-resistant, thermal-acoustic and do not suffer changes by water, sun or other environmental conditions.

The Award.

This project proved to be worthy to win one of the most recognized prizes in entrepreneurship and innovation areas. This event gives $1 million in prizes for social entrepreneurs, organized by The Venture, an international fund financed by the Chivas Regal, brand from the French group Pernod Ricard.

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