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Luxury Sales on WhatsApp

pagoskawaii 14 de March del 2017 Business
The messaging application par excellence will start selling luxury goods. E-commerce is reinvented and makes it (even) easier. Everything is done with the mobile. In fact, we do not know how to do anything without it. Since we wake up each morning, from checking the weather, to know what to put the next day and organize your weekly menu.

It has become in our contact agenda and schedules, in our camera and even in our watch. You could not even breath if you left your house without your watch, now you do it when you do not know where you put the phone. And WhatsApp is already its indispensable tool.

The app we all use to communicate with, does nothing but reinvest itself. Through fun emoji, old function updates and many other integrations. And the new has nothing to do with communication: now WhatsApp will start selling luxury items.

The online store.

Along with the online fashion store Yoox Net-a-Porter, the instant messaging application has confirmed that the purchase of products through its tool will be possible in a short time. In this way, they would become the first company to sell through WhatsApp. A step forward with which to extend its advantage against Farfetch, its direct competition. The latter also announced two weeks ago that they signed Natalie Massanet, founder of Net-a-Porter.

What they have done so far.

Yoox Net-a-Porter’s own personal shoppers have been already communicating with their main customers through this service. So why not generalize the use you already give WhatsApp with all users?

Federico Marchetti, executive president of the Milanese company, has confirmed that this is possible and that, moreover, they are working on it. Although it does not reveal the date or the way in which it would be launched, they assure that they are developing the necessary technology to obtain it.

This would take advantage of the change in the privacy policy which, as in August last year, companies are now allowed to communicate directly with more than one billion users; provided they pay what FacebookIng for this.

Other fashion companies on internet.

We have already seen how great fashion brands, such as Chanel or Gucci, have paraded in the last fashion weeks with presentations completely focused on a millennial audience, with insatiable dexterity for social networks, new technologies and modern buying engines. And, the Internet luxury market is expected to double to 39 billion dollars in just four years from now.

In China, as always at the forefront of online sales, WeChat messaging application is already used as one more way to do direct trade. And although it is still early, and more than 700 million users, which is only a small percentage of them buy using this tool, it is a consumption way increasingly used, since, in order to be registered in the application, you need to give your bank details. Everything is faster and simpler.

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