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Mansions of the richest people in the world

pagoskawaii 9 de March del 2017 Business
Pools, gyms, libraries, cinemas, guesthouses and more. Last year was difficult for the world economy. The instability of markets, the collapse of crude oil and the strength of the dollar have impacted even the most powerful and wealthy men and women in the world. However, despite declines in their millionaire fortunes, they still maintain bank accounts that exceed 12 figures.

Among the many properties they have are boats, airplanes, automobiles, real estate shares in the Stock Exchange, and more, much more. This time, we take five of the richest characters on the planet, so you know some of the mansions they own.

Bill Gates.

There were seven years dedicated to the construction of his house, better known as Xanadu 2.0. Located in Medina, Washington, there are 6 thousand 130 square meters those who shelter it. As expected, it is equipped with the most advanced technology, so it could be considered as an – if not the most, one of the most intelligent properties in the world.

It has unique pieces of are reflected in virtual panels (yes, they are not tangible), club-like pool area, fitness area stretching over 232 square meters with sauna, Turkish bath and professional trampoline, six kitchens, reception room for 200 people, library -195 m2-, two secret passages, cinema with 20 seats, guest house, private river, beach with Caribbean sand and seven garages.

It is currently valued at 123 million dollars.

Amancio Ortega.

Despite being a man who lives without excessive luxuries in a duplex overlooking the beach of Orzan, in the neighborhood of Zalaeta, Coruña, he owns a stately villa in the Galician lands of Sanxenxo. The construction of four thousand 500 square meters dating from the XVII century is one of the favorite properties of the owner of INDITEX, because it enjoys extensive gardens, a large vegetable garden that consume several products, a farm with several animals and two blocks stall for the horses of the family. It is said that soon he will retire and move to this historic and magnificent place.

Warren Buffet.

Despite being a financial and business guru, Buffett maintains a simple lifestyle. He currently lives in the same home he acquired during his youth, in Omaha, in 1958, for the modest figure of $ 31,500. Now, valued at 250 thousand dollars. It has five rooms, two bathrooms and more than 50 years of sentimental value.

Jeff Bezos.

The creator of Amazon facilitated the universe of online shopping. With an immense fortune and an endless list of properties, he lives in a 12,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion with tennis court, swimming pool, full gymnasium, greenhouse to grow different species and a fully independent guest house.

It is valued in $26 million.

Mark Zuckerberg.

Society is divided like this: before and after Facebook. The home of its founder, whose initial value was seven million dollars, stands in 1,500 square meters, in the exclusive Palo Alto area, California. It has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, saltwater pool, spa, porch with fireplace and a spacious garage.


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