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Meet the Top 4 Richest People on the Planet 2016

Emily 14 de October del 2016 Luxury Life
A lot of situations and problems have been going through in different areas of global markets, and the wealth of many people has been affected by the crazy ups and downs of the world economy in recent years.

One interesting thing about money is that hardly ever stays in one place. It is always moving from one pocket to another, and this takes us to reevaluate the personalities of 2016 with the most change to spare.

The list of the wealthiest people in the world always changes. This year, 198 people are new and sadly there are 29 less who died last year; let alone the almost 892 people who became poorer in 2015, which took them off this elite list.

The top richest people on earth

The list is still headed by the king of Silicon Valley, Mr. Bill Gates who has kept his rank for 3 years in a row in spite of some billion dollars that have escaped from his vault.

In second place, we have Zara’s Amancio Ortega. He is the CEO and founder of a worldwide fashion group featuring all the stores and products under the brand Zara. In his wallet, there is a little more than $77 billion which is part of his huge empire of good taste.

The copper medal in the race of the richest people on the planet goes to Warren Buffet, the American businessman, philanthropist and the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. This big guy of business is also known as the wizard of Omaha, and his magic in the world of investments has awarded him the amount of $64.6 billion.

Number four, but still a very enviable position, is Carlos Slim Helu, a Mexican magnate and owner of several companies under the name Grupo Carso, which is maybe one of the most important communication companies in Mexico. His conglomerate corporations range from education, healthcare, media, energy, hospitality, entertainment and more.

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