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The 6 key habits of very rich people

pagoskawaii 29 de March del 2017 Luxury Life
The habits of some outstanding people who fall into the very rich category can help us all lead a better life, and why not? To become very rich someday.

Very rich people love to read. For example, Bill Gates reads at least one book a week, Warren Buffett invests about 80% of his day reading, When Elon Musk was asked how he learned about space rockets, he replied: ” I many books “Mark Zuckerberg reads a book every two weeks, and the list continues growing.

Very rich people make plans.

After all, money cannot buy overtime, so they do not have time to lose. It is usual that they take control of their activities, they also have important events scheduled and short, medium and long term goals are set.

Listen to audiobooks.

Following the fact that they value their time enormously, they use trivial activities like driving or traveling by plane to listen to audiobooks of their interest.

They wake up early.

This may be less popular, but it is a common denominator in many successful and wealthy people. Many of them get up 2 to 3 hours earlier than normal, and it is time to reflect, read, make decisions about what they will do in the day or even exercise.

They watch little or no T.V at all.

Something they have in common is how productive they make of the day, and instead of investing it watching TV, they use it for more important things like reading or meditating.

They have a healthy life.

Steve Jobs said: “It does not matter to be the richest man in the cemetery …” And he was absolutely right, that is why very rich people lead a healthy life, exercise regularly, etc. to continue doing great things.

Now, let us focus on habits that very rich people have.

  1. They think long term and understand the power of compound interest or capitalization.
If you study the life of Warren Buffett or Charlie Munger, you will see that they did not make their “billions” overnight. It was all part of a long process, and in the center of that that process is compound interest. Albert Einstein said, “compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world, who understands it, wins it … and who does not … pays it.” Compound interest is the secret that can turn hundreds into thousands, and why not? Million in the long term.

  1. They learn to live below their means.
After all, they no longer work for money, but put the money to work for them. So imagine that they will waste $ 100,000. Based on the previous point, that well-invested amount could become tens of millions in some years. This in turn reinforced by their long-term thinking, helps them to measure and control their expenses, no matter how small they may be or look like.

Imagine that you now get a telephone plan for $ 100 a month; Although at first it does not seem like much, it is equivalent to $ 12,100 in 10 years (and that without investing them, if you invest them at a rate of 9.8% annual return you would get about $ 20,682). With that you can buy your financial freedom for more than a year. Very rich people, save, invest and reinvest.

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