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The Biggest Man Divas in Showbiz

Emily 1 de December del 2016 Luxury Life
For sure, there are many influential personalities in the showbiz world who attract everyone’s attention and the media’s talk. Here, I highlight six of the biggest man divas in showbiz. Maybe you’ll look at these fellows differently the next time you see them on the silver screen.

  • Will Smith: According to his behavior on the Ali set in 2004, he was a bit of prima dona. A number of Hollywood stars claim that Smith refuses to play second fiddle to other actors and insists on staying the lead in movies.
  • James Franco: Despite Franco’s generous attitude, he has been accused of being a diva bag. Seemingly, he doesn’t bother with whether or not people like him.
  • Joaquin Phoenix: Phoenix even has earned an Academy Award nomination for best actor. However, he has announced his departure from acting because he wants to be a rapper. But after starring in the movie “I’m still here”, he behaves like an all-around jerk.
  • Scott Disick: He is famous for his lavish lifestyle. He is always photographing his wealth, cars, and even his helicopter. He’s also famous for his unique sense of style. He goes back and forth between thrusting his money in your face and showing off. He is even trying to buy a lordship to refer to himself as Lord Disick.
  • Jay-Z: He is Beyoncé’s husband and one of the biggest man divas. His hotel demands are so ridiculous. A variety of hotels said that Jay-Z had asked to have his room at exactly 71 degrees Fahrenheit, having three candles on display, and asking not to vacuum or even clean his room or outside near his room.
  • Steven Tyler: He’s Liv Tyler’s dad and the lead singer of rock group Aero Smith. Tyler admitted once that he had used his high profile to get drugs. He was one of the judges of American Idol and he was known for having a seven-room bungalow as a dressing room.

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