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The french millionnaire François-Henri Pinault

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Who is François? He was born on May 28 of 1962 in the town of Rennes – France, son of a businessman and veteran. François Pinault, is a businessman who is among the richest man in the world, he studied at the French school of higher economic studies, he has a meteoric rise in the business world in 1989, assumes the position of CEO of France Bois Industries that later would be renamed as Pinault Distribution. In 1997 assumes the general direction of FNAC, 2003 he was appointed chairman of conglomerate Artemis and 2005 make the leap to replace his father as president of Pinault Printemps Redoute (PPR) in 2007 through the subsidiary of PPR Sapardis acquires the German brand Puma Sports Equipment.

François-Henri Pinault

The conglomerate is a holding company consisting of more than 60 companies among which are a sporting level brand equipment Puma which was acquired $5.300 million. He owns the football team Stade Rennais which militates in the Ligue 1 of France, the sports brand Volcom, is also the owner of the magazine Le Point with the newspaper Le Monde, besides the Pinault family owns the chain of French TV TF-1, the luxury brands Gucci, Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent, as part of the FNAC chain and the Conforamada shops, La Redoute, Vertbaudet and chawick’s.

And if this result little has one of the 5 most important private collections in the world which has over 2,500 works of art, including works are Picasso, Miro Johan among others.

Has 4 children, 2 of her first marriage, 1 with the model Linda Evangelista who was born in October 2006, and one with businesswoman and Mexican actress Salma Hayek who was born in 2007, the couple married on February 14 of 2009 in Paris.

François-Henri Pinault

A religious ceremony that was held on April 26 in Venice at the Palazzo Grassi which belongs to the Pinault family, this was the place where the couple met 3 years before their marriage, the event was attended by great personalities as Penelope Cruz, Jacques Chirac, Bono U2 singer, Gael Garcia Bernal, Charlize Theron, Prince among others.

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