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The future of ATMs and points of sale with BTC

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The business of the Bitcoin is growing every day more than the last years. In fact from 2009 to the date of today 2017 have arisen several markets focused on the obtaining and the multiplication of the BTC in order to generate income in the famous cryptocurrency. One of the many businesses that have proliferated in recent times is the business BTM.

A BTM is a virtual/physic ATM that is rented to businesses so that they have the facility to buy, sell and exchange BTC for foreign exchange or goods or services. These BTM are usually very easy to get and are suitable for all audiences. In this case I will explain to you what the two main functionalities of the BTM are so that they can generate money in a currency to which in the near future, will be the transcendence number 1 at global level. This new way to make a business is very profitable.

Virtual Point of Sale

As has been well known until now, BTC is not a physical currency that is printed by any financial institution. The BTC is a cryptocurrency, which means that its usual form is a virtual form. That is why the BTM have created a point of sale in such a way that businesses can have the facility of having a negotiation facility more efficiently and more effectively.

The BTM is the fastest option to anchor your BTC purse with the company’s BTC account. These in turn are a faster option when it comes to paying the goods and services of the company, since it is a machine that processes the entire transaction without human intervention. It is estimated that only this type of virtual business generates the owner of the company a profit of between 10,000 USD to 13,000 USD


A cash machine is another common option when setting up a BTM business. The physical cash machine is a great machine that can be installed inside your business so that people who have BTC can withdraw the money they want or make the transactions they want without having a PC in hand. The physical cashiers are usually a little expensive in terms of maintenance, but ignoring this part, it has been recorded that the physical tellers generate companies around 30,000 USD monthly.

In recent times there have been two types of cash machines. The first is Unidirectional and the last the Bidirectional. The unidirectional allows you to change your BTCs for cash while Bidirectional allows you to either withdraw your BTCs in cash or change your BTC cash. The latter is one of the most sought after globally since it offers better services and varieties of the same to customers who use the BTC as their usual currency.


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