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The Top 14 Richest Cities in the World

Emily 4 de October del 2016 Luxury Life
Just like the world has a list of the richest people, it also ranks the richest cities found on planet Earth. The winners are the financial hubs of different continents where a lot of wealth is accumulated and produced every year.

Although there are many important cities in the world, the most important places in terms of generating money and housing the most important companies and people are ranked according research made by the New York Wealth institute.

The list is headed by London, with more than $2.7 trillion of total wealth, followed very close by the Big Apple itself, New York City, with $2.6 trillion, and in the third place is Tokyo with $2.2 trillion.


According to the report, 15 cities had an accelerated growth of their wealth compared to the past decade, such as Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, and Mumbai. We expect that their wealth will continue growing and that these cities will expand to get a bigger amount of money in the years to come.

Continuing with the list, the places with the most wealth (and where a house will cost you a pretty penny) are the following:

Rank        City                                                                                   Trillions of USD

4)              San Francisco, USA                                                     1.9

5)              Beijing, China                                                              1.8

6)              Shanghai, China                                                           1.6

7)              Los Angeles, USA                                                         1.2

8)              Hong Kong                                                                   1.1

9)              Singapore                                                                     0.87

10)           Chicago, USA                                                                 0.86

11)           Sydney, Australia                                                           0.85

12)           Toronto, Canada                                                             0.85

13)           Frankfurt, Germany                                                        0.83

14)           Paris, France                                                                   0.8


So far, the first 14 places on the list of the richest cities in the world sums up $12.6 trillion, but as the list continues, and the total amount of money is something near $185 trillion.

The research also talks about the people who have that money, and it reveals that in the world there are approximately 1,940 people with some billions in their bank balance, and more than 13,000 millionaires around the world. Are you one of them?

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