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Top 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Florida

Emily 14 de September del 2016 Luxury Life
Florida is known for sunshine, sandy beaches, Disney World, and being a playground for the rich and famous. Plenty of neighborhoods in the Sunshine State are very exclusive, with homes valued in the tens of millions, private golf courses, beach front property, the works. Here are the top 10 richest neighborhoods in Florida, based on per capita income.


Florida’s wealthiest neighborhoods

Number 10: South Beach, per capital income $91,000

The hip Miami neighborhood is a popular destination for young celebrities who love to party, including star athletes, supermodels, and others.

Number 9: Indian River Shores, per capital income $103,000

A peaceful neighborhood with lots of small gated communities, some of which include more affordable houses (i.e. less than $1 million).

Number 8: Palm Beach, per capital income $109,000

The famous vacation destination of the Kennedys has also been home to celebrities like Rod Stewart, Jimmy Buffet, and even Michael Jackson before his death.

Number 7: Gulf Stream, per capital income $134,000

Continue south from Palm Beach on the island and you’ll reach this town, a mix of million dollar mansions and luxury condos.

Number 6: Orchid Island, per capital income $136,000

A tranquil, affluent residential area surrounded by nature and wildlife preserves.

Number 5: Indian Creek, per capital income $137,000

A small Miami community with just 50 mansions homes bordering the golf course of the Indian Creek Golf Club. Celebs like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and Julio Iglesias have lived here at some point.

Number 4: Manalapan, per capital income $145,000

Just across the intracoastal from the town of Lantana is this small town which has managed to preserve its historic charm.

Number 3: Golf Island, per capital income $145,000

Located near Boynton Beach, this neighborhood is a haven for golfing enthusiasts.

Number 2: Jupiter Island, per capital income $200,000

Near the northern border of Palm Beach County is this island, home to celebs like Celine Dion and Tiger Woods.

Number 1: Fisher Island, per capita income $236,000 (the highest anywhere in the US)

Fisher Island is famous for crazy parties thrown by the wealthiest playboys in Miami.

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