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Virtual Currencies and how to grow up your Company with them

pagoskawaii 31 de July del 2017 Luxury Life
Over the years, the Bitcoin virtual currency has been one of the new fads within the internet world. This virtual currency already has an approximate value of 1 BTC for $ 2850. This value has been increasing and because of this many companies have already been accepting these currencies within their premises.

The following companies that I am going to mention are some of the biggest ones in the market and will make you think several times if it is worth investing a little money of your company in this new virtual currency. Without more to say: let’s begin.


The US multinational company has virtually no need for filing. Microsoft is dedicated to manufacturing electronic equipment, as well as developing software licenses and currently has a significant market share with its main products: the Windows operating system and the Office suite.

Microsoft decided to accept bitcoin as payment currency from December 2014 through the BitPay payment processor. The announcement on the company’s blog specifies that the company’s products available in the Windows Store can be purchased using the cryptonet, in addition to products from the Xbox Games, Xbox Music or Xbox Video stores.

OK Cupid

Ok Cupid is a website in Spanish to find couples. To use this platform, users should only answer certain questions and provide certain personal information, such as their age, gender, marital status and the type of relationship they are looking for. The platform is responsible for finding compatible users according to the information provided by them.

Two years ago, this platform announced that it would begin accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for its “A-list” premium subscription option. This service offers certain advantages and additional features to the users and has a cost of 10 dollars per month.


Namecheap is an internationally recognized company dedicated to registering domains and providing web hosting. In response to the requirements of some of its customers and the need to maintain freedom on the Internet, this company decided to accept Bitcoin as payment method.

In this way, it became the first company of its type to receive payments in the cryptocurrency obtaining a quite favorable reaction from the consumers. In addition, Namecheap also joined the large number of companies that use BitPay to process their payments in bitcoins.

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