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What Rich People Spend Their Money On

Emily 27 de November del 2016 Luxury Life
Ever wondered what people with money do that the average Joe can’t? Well, find out what they do with it in the list below!

  1. Underwater plane: It’s not a plane wreck. Graham Hawkes is the marine engineer who designed the vessel. He has spent most of his career building marine vehicles for both the military and civil purposes. His invention, the Deep Flight Super Falcon, has two different designs. One for two people, and another one for three. The vessel can do things no ordinary marine craft can, such as barrel rolls and move around the water with little to no noise, attracting marine life instead of scaring it away. Not only that, but the craft also uses a downward and lift motion, unlike a submarine.
  1. Lamborghini Veneno: It can reach a speed of 355 km/h and goes from 0 to 100 in 2.9 seconds. Only three of them were built in 2013 at a price of about 4 million Euros each. It was built in celebration to the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini brand and its design was meant for having extra aerodynamic efficiency to improve stability during curves. The name Veneno comes from a legendary Spanish fighting bull.

  1. Store vehicles in the living room of their apartments: The super-rich can afford buying an apartment in a building that allows cars to get to their living room. The space is made of glass so visitors can see it. The owners don’t even need apartment keys to enter; all they need is their car.
  1. JamesEdition: No more eBay or Amazon like everyone else who waits for a sale. The mega wealthy buy their products at JamesEdition. They have everything: car brands such as Lamborghini, Mercedes and Ferrari, houses and mansions, over 30,000 different watches, yachts, private jets, helicopters, jewelry of different precious gems, and much more.
What would you buy if you had a couple million to burn?

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