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Why work success reaches you at 50?

pagoskawaii 9 de May del 2017 Business
There are more entrepreneurs who have passed the half-century of life than young people, despite widespread belief. Many of them enter the digital world. It is not true that young people are the ones that most companies or businesses build.

The reality shown by the Senior Entrepreneurship report, prepared by GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor), the world reference for entrepreneurship since the creation of the American Babson College and the British London Business School in 1999, indicates just the opposite. 31% of adults between the ages of 50 and 80 are self-employed, while those between 18 and 49 add up to 29%.

Divided by regions.

The most active ones putting businesses into operation are the citizens from the African countries and of Latin America and the Caribbean. and not only they are more enterprising than young people, seniors employ more people in their projects than the less advanced ones and invest more money, according to the author of the report, Thomas Schott, a professor from the University of Southern Denmark.

The misbelief.

However, the widespread belief, is that the twenty-year-old guys dressed in jeans and T-shirts, arising in garages or shared work spaces are the ones with the brightest ideas. Entrepreneurship owners.

Less visibility

The idea that has spread of the entrepreneur is very concrete. An aggressive young man with an innovative Internet project, whose price he wants to multiply by 10 in six months. Elders are not reflected in this image, they do not like aggressiveness, and they feel that there are many business models that do not necessarily happen to become millionaires quickly, that is why they are not so well known. Because young people who promote a company do it in a visible way, seeking help from the official entrepreneurial ecosystem, sharing offices. A senior does not immediately enter an incubator or a boosting machine, or immediately thinks about connecting to the system.

The good thing about being older.

The experience, a consolidated contact network, greater credibility, and financial capacity are some of the advantages that accompany entrepreneurs over 50 years to start up a company. However, elderly people fail of a more limited resistance to failure, to compete.

The investment process must cover stages that, if not met, they must end the entry of more capital and close.

Projects with maturity.

  • Fundslink: Online platform to connect independent equity managers and retail investors to offer investment funds through mobile or iPad and advice and brokerage without commissions.
  • Koiki: Courier network for online commerce based on proximity (personnel with risk of exclusion makes deliveries on foot or in sustainable vehicles) and to deliver the package at the time desired by the buyer.
  • Swan Water Solutions: Launched in 2014, it is focused on saving water, energy and smart cities. It implements underground irrigation systems in offices, whose sensors detect the need for water and send an email to irrigate.

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