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How Economic Balance Impacts Politics

Emily 19 de October del 2016 Politics
It’s always been known that inequality in earnings and wealth has been a source of discomfort for many. However, in recent years that inequality has grown substantially, and it may become a problem in geopolitics, leading to the creation of populist movements for example, until it’s dealt with. One of the biggest issues is presidential candidates lying about changing such inequality, and instead of balancing and uniting societies, they tend to polarize the situation even more.

Before the technological era, it was barely noticeable, partially due to the lack of worldwide communication and also in part due to the lack of inflation. Then came technology, and two major things happened: many people were fired due to automated machines, and companies could make more products and get even richer. After globalization, even more people from many different countries were fired, especially those who worked in the manufacturing sector. And nowadays, anyone is able to notice how imbalanced things have become.

Due to globalization, people are connected and share ideas and many of them worry about the imbalance of our worldwide society, where there are basically two groups of people: the elite and the stressed out middle and working class. However, up until recently things haven’t changed much as politics was still a game of influence and money. But the pattern seems to have shifted thanks to social media. Proof of this is the Obama campaign back in 2008, when he didn’t spend huge amounts of money by using online sites.

Since big money and power doesn’t seem to unilaterally govern politics as much as it used to, it may be possible to have influential people who can do some good regarding inequality and many other social issues running for presidency in the near future. Technology is now shaping both economy and politics alike, creating a balance in worldwide democratic countries.

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