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How Trump’s presidency may affect businesses and countries

Emily 27 de January del 2017 Politics
Trump has won the election and been inaugurated. That’s not news anymore. However, due to his mindset, many countries and world renowned companies may suffer severe consequences, while others may benefit if his promises made during the campaign were to actually come to fruition. For instance, some of his promises include creating more jobs in the US and having more protectionist trade policies.

Companies that could have problems with Trump’s presidency

Amazon: due to the way the company works, new commercial agreements and stricter tax policies may affect it negatively.

Apple: Trump has criticized the company because everything is manufactured in China and not the US. If the worst comes to pass, the price of iPhones will increase drastically.

HCA: if the new president decides to eliminate Obamacare (and he has already signed an executive order removing funding for the ACA), many hospitals will have to take care of more people without getting anything from it.

Also, some of the countries that could be affected are Mexico, Peru, China, and others. If Trump carries out his proposals, Mexico could lose investments from US companies that have spent a great deal of money building factories. Peru could have their exports into the US limited. And China has the most factories for US companies, so if they decide to move their manufacturing processes in-house due to import taxes outweighing the savings made by manufacturing things in China, that country’s economy would take a serious hit.

Companies that will likely benefit from Trump’s policies

In the meantime, other companies, such as United State Steel, Wells Fargo, Cemex, Energy Transfer Partners, and others will benefit from new policies such as increasing national production and mining, providing banks with more to work with, and restarting oil operations in previously shut-down plants.

Whether or not it comes to happen, there are two things that are certain: businesses worldwide are waiting to know what Trump’s actions will be in the near future, and companies have already lost some shares because of the new president’s controversial and radical proposals.

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