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Ken Bone’s sweater and 6 other things sold out in a heartbeat

Emily 10 de December del 2016 Politics
Some products are just in the right place at the right time. Here are 7 fashion items that had their own viral moments.

1-Ken Bone’s sweater from the company Izod was immediately sold out on Amazon. Bone was a charmingly dorky undecided voter at the second presidential debate. That voter who asked a tough question at the debate was named a national hero, whose sweater took on big prominence.

2-All of us remember that dress, which created enemies and divided over its actual color. Some people thought it was black and blue and others thought it was white and gold. It was actually black and blue. The impact of that dress made it sell out within minutes.

3- It was just a white T-shirt. The “Hip-Hop T-shirt” of Kanye West and A.P.C was quickly sold out at the price of $120.

4- The striped shirt of Prince George was sold out in under 60 minutes. The striped shirt, which cost $12, was from the company Sunuva which makes toddlers’ outfits. The prince’s photos wearing that striped shirt went viral.

5- Melania Trump’s white dress from Roksanda, which she wore for her own speech at the Republican National Convention in July, sold out in less than an hour for $2,190. Melania Trump’s Gucci blouse also sold out at over $1000. Melania wore that blouse at the second presidential debate on a Sunday and it sold out on the following Tuesday.

6- The rectangular-framed glasses of Sarah Palin, the former Alaskan governor, were a huge hit in 2008 according to USA Today. Sarah Palin was running for vice president with John McCain the Republican Presidential candidate. According to New York Daily News, the frames of the glasses cost $375 without lenses but cost up to $700 with lenses. The frames started to be sold out within a week and half of the Republican National Convention that year.

7-Kate Middleton’s red dress, called “Preen”, sold out at $1,715. It sold out because Kate is wife to Prince William, the mother to Princess Charlotte and Prince George, and the Duchess of Cambridge.

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