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The World’s Most Beautiful Paper Currency

Emily 15 de September del 2016 Politics
Ever since the US Treasury has started adding extra security features to paper money, our currency has started to look a little snazzier. We’ve got a few different colors going on now besides those classic “green backs”. But if you look at the one dollar bill and take that as a reference for how most US paper currency looked just a few years ago, you can see how it wasn’t going to win any beauty pageants.


The rest of the world has had much more visually interesting currency for a long time. Here are a few examples of some of the world’s most beautiful paper currency. Some of them are no longer in circulation after the introduction of the Euro and other monetary changes that have taken place around the world, but maybe that’s a good thing, because they’re almost too pretty to spend!

Prettiest foreign currency

  1. Netherlands (Dutch florin). What could be nicer than a bright, sunny sunflower gracing your 50 florin bill? And the other face has a lovely illustration of a field of sunflowers… this bill makes me happy just looking at it!prettiest-currency-dutch-florin
  2. Uzbekistan (som). The word “som” means “pure” in the three official languages of Uzbekistan, as in “pure gold”, which is very appropriate. But just look at the colors on this currency! It’s like a watercolor work of art.beautiful-currency-uzbekistan-som
  3. France (franc, 10,000 note). This French franc is more in line with what we in the US would consider “traditional currency”, but they do it a lot more colorfully. The 10,000 franc note features a portrait of famous author, Victor Hugo.pretty-currency-french-franc
  4. Cook Islands (dollar). If you’re lucky, you might run into one of these beauties in New Zealand. You have to admit, the artwork of the woman and the shark is pretty awesome, and quite unconventional!beautiful-currency-cook-islands-dollar

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