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Olympic Gymnast + NFL Tight End = True Love?

Emily 23 de August del 2016 Sports
The 2016 Olympics in Rio has had its fair share of love stories, but the latest one to break onto the news scene is an imminent first-time meeting and date between Olympic medalist Aly Raisman and Raiders tight end Colton Underwood.

nfl player and olympic gymnast

It’s really a very sweet and contemporary love story, the perfect blend of the old-fashioned “friend of a friend” arranged meetings and an internet romance. There’s been quite a bit of low key, innocent flirting happening on Twitter in the public eye, which has many rooting for a connection between these two pro athletes.

Colton’s team mate Andrew East is married to retired Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, which must have seemed like the perfect opportunity to ask Aly on a date.

In a video interview, Colton proposed a double date with Andrew and Shawn, and Aly seems pretty keen on the idea! In a video, she replied that she would definitely be up for a date.

She also tweeted a thank you note to Colton for his “sweet video” and said she was looking forward to meeting him if she’s ever in San Jose. As luck would have it, Aly is due to be in the San Jose area very shortly. We could be seeing these little sparks of romance turn into something more very soon.

The only problem is the distance. Aly lives in Massachusetts, a long ways away from Colton in San Jose. She seems open minded but realistic, saying, “I’ve never done a long-distance relationship before, so I can’t really say, but obviously it’s more convenient if they’re closer to you.”

Even if it doesn’t work out, 2016 will have still been an awesome year for Aly, who was team captain of the USA women’s gymnastics team in Rio and took home a gold and two silver medals.

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