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The 5 highest paid players of the NBA history

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The professional basketball league NBA, has great players that certainly worth the money that is being paid for them for their participation and performance on the court. Some of them have earn great fortunes but there are a few players of the NBA history in which the owners of some teams have had to spend large amounts of money to keep them on their teams.

5- Michael Jordan. $90.2 million.

Although not compare with the number of other players, he is a true legend of the basketball. In the golden years of this player, the amount of the cost was excessive for that time.


4- Tim Duncan. $ 224.7 million.

This former player won 5 championship rings and also won 2 awards as most valuable player of the NBA, also has several appearances in the All Stars Game of the NBA making it one of the most expensive players in NBA history.


3- Shaquille O’Neal. $ 292.2 million.

A former player considered the most dominant in the history of the NBA, was the sixth highest scorer and also Olympic gold winner in 1996. Also this former player is in the Hall of Fame of the NBA.




2- Kevin Garnett. $ 328 million.

Estimated as one of the greatest players in NBA history for his outstanding performance as a defense and ofense, awarded as the best defender of the year in 2008.


1- Kobe Bryant. $ 328.2 million.

Peaking at number 1 of the most expensive players in NBA history, he is this famous former player. As the third leading scorer in NBA history, promoter of 2 championships, since the departure of his former teammate Shaquille O’Neal, Bryant led the ranking of top scorers in the league. A Kobe Bryant definitely worth a fortune for their excellent performance.


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