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The mask legacy, Charles Lewis Jr

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Charles David Lewis Jr was a famous entertainer, businessman and promoter from USA, better known as “The Mask” as known as the founder of Tapout Company, a clothing line that went popular in 1997, considered a multi-million dollar company. Charles Lewis was born June 23rd of 1963 and died March 11st 2009, at the age of 45.

Charles Lewis Jr

Charles Lewis Jr won his nickname “The Mask” because of his striped painted mask realized with face paint. He started selling clothes on his truck; he was an important figure of the evolution of MMA, because he helped contributing this company when there was not much budget, helping fighters like Chuck Liddell, and many other fighters who had no advertisers.

He was involved in a reality show with ”Punkass” and “Skyskraper” issued on Versus channel, and it was about the search of MMA fighters, going through all the country helping them to find sponsors, the show last 2 seasons, first chapter was emitted on 2007, and the 2nd season went out on 2008.

Charles Lewis Jr

He left on his legacy the Tapout Brand that was established in 1997, and after 10 years grossed $22,5 millions, “The Mask” famous clothing brand is still selling after his death and is still being very famous. Also Charles Lewis Jr appears in 2 UFC videogames as a playable character.

Charles Lewis Jr

Lewis death was caused by a car accident; he was driving at a high speed in Newport Beach, California on his Ferrari. He crashed against another vehicle and then detoured to a lamppost.

Charles Lewis Jr

The MaskCharles Lewis Jr it’s the only one on the UFC hall of fame that’s not a fighter.

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