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Top 5 highest paid baseball players of the MLB history

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As in any sporting competition, there are a group of players, whose performance and actions in the field are very prominent, for these shares earn a very high salary and totally millionaires. Meet The 5 highest paid baseball players of the MLB history who have earned their salary for their great appearances and fame in the professional leagues.

5- Albert Pujols

One of the best players in the MLB,  first baseman, plays for Los Angeles Anaheim Team, who was selected by ESN as one of the best players in the early 2000s Albert Pujols has an earnings $ 27 million.



4- Justin Verlander

A famous player currently playing with the Detroit Tigers as Picher. Honored as Rookie of the Year in 2007 and won the AL Cy Young Award season. Justin Verlander has an earnings of $ 28.6 million.


3- Alex Rodriguez

A former player of Dominican origin who was featured in the New York Yankees, retired in 2016. Winner of two Gold Gloves and considered one of the best players of all time. Alex Rodriguez had profits of $ 29 million.



2- David Price

One of the most underrated players of the Boston Red Sox, who plays as a pitcher. Cy Young winner in 2012 and known for being one of the biggest pitchers of the league. David Price has an earnings of $ 30 million.



1- Clayton Kershaw

The one who heads the list of the 5 highest paid players in history. A very talented pitcher who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Doing great performances on the field and taking several appearances in the All-Star Game. Clayton Kershaw has an earnings of $ 32 million.





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