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Ethereum as an option of Criptocurrency

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The world of cryptocurrency is very large. One of the most requested by all is the Bitcoin or BTC. The BTC is one of those CC that emerged for the first time in 2009 and has had a great impact at the global level since it was learned that a new currency based on the internet was going to surge. The BTC is an effective exchange and cryptocurrency exchange tool as of today 2017 one of the most quoted, reaching a value of 1 BTC = 1200 $.

However, and despite the great technological revolutions, there are many ways to win BTC, but now they are slower and harder to find because there is already so much popularity that very few pages have access to give BTC users, and If they do, they give it in a very reduced way. Today I’m going to write about the other alternative that exists within the world of cryptocurrency: Ethereum.


Ethereum emerged as an alternative to the BTC in 2011, when one of the founders of the BTC separated from its work team and decided to work on its own. The ETH is a coin that emerged at the beginning as a small and small coin with a level of encryption rather reduced so that people on the Internet could mine or win it more easily and faster compared to the BTC.

Thanks to the insistence of its creator, since 2012, the ETH is one of the most requested for its ease of obtaining and for its great ease of mining in the network. The ETH is one of the most sought-after cryptones in the USA and Canada and to date is one of the most traded within the two countries, reaching the actual estimate of 1 ETH = 800 $.

How to gain ETH?

One of the most infallible ways to win ETH is to go to pages of mines such as Hashflare.io or Genesis Mining. However, there are other pages that help you to obtain the greatest profits within this new crypto net. One of them is EOBOT.COM, with that website, the person has the opportunity to mine ETH for free or paying a minimum amount of $.

Keep in mind that the criptocurrency mining business is a slow and progressive process; this is a way to generate money passively 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ETH unlike the BTC is a fairly simple currency to mine as it has not been so popular in recent years and is a currency that very few people are mining right now. On a recommendation, if you are going to start a business within the world of crypto currencies, keep in mind that ETH is a very viable way to earn $ and invest wisely.


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