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Reviving Samsung Note 7

pagoskawaii 28 de March del 2017 Top News
Just two days for the expected launch of the Galaxy S8, the Korean company announced that it will sell its phablet in disgrace in a refurbished mode, and will do so outside the United States. Samsung has a criterion to choose when to make their important announcements that, due to the lack of a better word, we can say they are a bit strange.

The announcement.

Samsung will launch its long-awaited Galaxy S8, which analysts anticipate will be sold for about $ 870. It is a curly-screen phone with a new smart assistant named Bixby that could help us all forget the Note 7 disaster that occurred less than a year ago. The smartphone company decided to remind us of that disaster.

Samsung announced that it will reverse its original plans to bury its 3 million of its Note 7 phablets, which were withdrawn because of the tendency of their computers to overheat and catch fire. Instead of destroying them, it will sell them to consumers as refurbished devices.

This time, the company wants to show that they have left behind all those bad things with the new Galaxy. The company seems to be afraid to mention how much they made a mistake with the series.


The announcement even raises questions about how safe it really is to re-sell phones that were once defective. Airlines that previously banned Note 7 now face some confusion over whether refurbished models will present the same security risk.

What Samsung can show us.

It is a rare moment, but also bold. Samsung can show its confidence in its own product line. After all, its mobile technology director, D.J. Koh said in January that Samsung did not discontinue the Note line, but worked to launch a new and “safer” Galaxy Note 8 later this year. The Note series should not be relegated to oblivion, but repackaged and reinvented.

Samsung may also show that they are listening to critics.

Greenpeace activists.

Greenpeace activists interrupted Samsung’s opening speech at the Mobile World Congress last February, criticizing the company for its decision to get rid of millions of Note 7s that they will notoriously difficult to recycle.

In its Monday statement, Samsung said from the outset that it wanted to reuse old phones in an environmentally friendly way.

Samsung explores a couple of ways to do this: re-establish them as restored or rental phones, rescuing the components they can and extracting metals from inside. Greenpeace has praised Samsung for the move.

Not for sale in US.

A Samsung spokesman said that they would not sell any of those refurbished smartphones within the United States, and several reports indicate that instead they will go to India, and with smaller batteries.

Samsung has reversed its plans and thereby demonstrates its interest in the environment. If it does not distract too much from the great announcement of the S8 this week, it will mean that the company can also take another step forward in recovering its reputation.


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