Artículos: May, 2017

Did millennials destroy work schedules?

pagoskawaii 31/05/2017 Business

This generation comprises the largest labor force in the world, and they do not like rigid schemes. Millennials have taken workplaces around the world. They are the largest generation in the labor forces and are destroying the 10-hour working schemes

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Trouble in paradise

pagoskawaii 25/05/2017 Business

5 Keys to Achieve authority with your attire

pagoskawaii 24/05/2017 education

The design experts show how your dressing impacts on how others perceive you. That is why depending on what we wear, so we will be treated, that is, if we emit positive stimuli, it is very likely that others feel

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Lego Innovation Lessons

pagoskawaii 22/05/2017 Business