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How to save money: Tricks to achieve it easily

pagoskawaii 28 de August del 2017 Business
If you want to learn how to save money, you must understand that there are only two ways to put more money in our pocket:
Generate new sources of income or start spending less money.

If you are currently in a position to not make more money, any adjustments in your daily expenses, IE is learning how to save money, can be very useful.

From being more practical with your food to changing your mindset regarding personal finances, here are 42 easy ways to save money.

How to save money the easy way:

1-. Plan and cook your own food: Eating on the street involves a lot of money.

2-. Clean your fridge and dispense: You will surely find food in good condition that you did not know existed.

3-. Buy in bulk what you normally use: If you want to learn how to save money on food, choose to buy in bulk. This will reduce the unit price.

4-. Opt for non-canned foods: Fresh and grainy products are usually cheaper and healthier than canned foods.

5-. Use coupons: It’s easy to forget the coupons you’ve cut and left at home, rather use mobile apps for this, and the question of how to save money becomes easier.

6-. Try the brand of the supermarket: If you like the taste of the brand, cling to it and save money.

7-. Stop buying food for microwaves: The prices are astronomical, with the same money you could make more and better food.
8-. Do not buy more food than you can use or store: Food is the same as throwing silver.

9-. Use a slow cooker: Put some vegetables, beans and meat and you will have lunches and meals for the whole week.

10-. Make your own coffee: Those $ 2 and $ 4 coffees weigh in your pocket. While you will not learn how to be a millionaire by not buying coffee, if you can use this money for other purposes.

11-. Bring your lunch to work: You’ll stop spending half of your lunch budget if you start cooking it.

12-. Stop buying bottled water: Use a glass or plastic bottle that can be reused. Not only will you contribute to the planet, you will also stop spending money unnecessarily.

13-. Avoid drinking at night: Each alcoholic drink can add $ 10 more to your account, and a night out at a disco or bar can be worth $ 50.

14-. Avoid your favorite stores: Stop giving them a “look”, visit your online store or subscribe to your emails. You’re less likely to buy something if you’ve never seen it before.

15-. Monitor your monthly expenses: Use applications that help you with this or keep the account in order to define how to save money that you spend uselessly.

How to save money depends on your habits, so check how you live your days and avoid those situations or times when you know that you will spend unnecessary money. Remember that it is not a matter of giving up living, but by being clear about your priorities and acting on them.

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