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Websites to be a better entrepreneur

pagoskawaii 22 de August del 2017 Business
Entrepreneurship is nothing more than a learning process. As we develop our business idea, we realize that we have more doubts than certainties, that we do not know everything and that we will have to deal with new uncertainties every day.

As entrepreneurs, we must be able to face and take full advantage of these situations, because if we do not, we would be on the way to certain failure.

That is why, if we aspire to turn our business into a successful company, we must be able to use those tools offered by the market.

There are tools that can be useful to face the difficulties and circumstances that are appearing, and best of all is that they are free, so there are no excuses not using them.

These are the 14 best websites to be a better entrepreneur


CodeAcademy is an interactive platform that teaches programming; is based on HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP codes. Learning about code is of the utmost importance to an entrepreneur as it could solve problems with your website, or even build your own page.

HubSpot Academy

For those entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their company’s online presence, this interface offers courses on Inbound marketing, web page optimization and landing pages, known as landing pages.


Moz is considered the leading platform for search engine optimization; In addition to having its own academy, offers webinars and complete guides about SEO, social media and link building.


As entrepreneurs, we must know how to manage our finances, both personal and business.

This platform offers different courses and tools, such as programs on how to improve our financial habits and how to build a budget.


Myownbusiness offers different courses on how to develop a business plan, acquire negotiation skills, licenses and permits, among others. It is one of the most complete pages on the subject of entrepreneurship and creation of the company.


EdX offers more than 300 courses ranging from Financial Analysis and Decision Making to Entrepreneurship: Who is your client? This platform not only enables you to run your company, but also goes beyond and offers courses in your industry and general culture.


Khan Academy offers more than 100,000 videos explaining different exercises in its main themes: mathematics, science, art, technology, among others.

Although it focuses on these topics, and is aimed at college students, this page has a great offer of interesting courses for all entrepreneurs, such as accounting, taxes and others.

MIT Open Courseware

The courses offered at MIT Open Courseware are part of MIT’s in-class academic programs, with the only difference that we can access these for free. In addition, there is a page dedicated to entrepreneurship, where courses are offered for those who are in the process of creating their own company.

Kutztown University

This University located in Pennsylvania has more than 100 free courses, which handle extremely important topics for each entrepreneur in your project. Business model courses, accounting, operations management, and management are offered.

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