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Young British rejects 30 million for her Facebook page

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Her owner suffers from some mental disorders, but has not been an impediment to succeed in Social Networks.

Addicts to Social Networks probably have crossed with publications of the page I F * cking Love Science, at least once. This began in 2012 in Facebook, already has 22 million followers and is the work of Elise Andrew, a young British woman who lives in Canada.


What few people know is that Andrew recently revealed that he received a tempting offer to sell her page, known as IFL Science, for $30 million.

However, she decided to refuse the offer explaining that it was not the right time for her. She said: I love what I do. I think about it, I have a lot of plans for non-profit organizations, scholarships and philanthropist projects.

Andrew graduated in Biology from the University of Sheffield. IFL Science began as fun joke between friends in March of 2012, publishing scientific facts and curious and striking photos. In just six months had a million followers.

She receives a lot of criticism for publishing unverifiable data, inaccurate articles and not to attribute credit in several photos.

Its founder also admitted on Twitter that suffers from some mental disorders, including trichotillomania, a disorder that compulsively gets her hair pulled. She also said that she had been diagnosed with depression, borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. The truth is that she has experienced mental health problems since childhood.

And dealing with bullies and trolls not helps; she has overcome adversity to remain a successful person on the internet. In addition to the page IFL Science had other three also on Facebook: “Earth Story“, “Evolution” and “The Universe“.

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