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The Most Amazing Gifts for People with Way Too Much Money

Emily 28 de October del 2016 Extreme
Who doesn’t like presents? Holidays are a great time to spend some extra bucks in selecting a nice gift for someone with really expensive tastes, such as a really loyal customer or maybe a great boss.

Here you have a list of things that this class of people may want under their Christmas tree, for Chanukah or whatever gift-giving occasion. The holidays are around the corner, so it’s better to be prepared.

Bear in mind there are some things that go without saying. For example, when gifting someone it is always important to do a little research and find out what that person really likes. The real value of a present might not lay in the price, but on what it means for the other person.

Or if you just don’t have time to waste but have a few extra thousand dollars lying around, then choose one of these insanely awesome gifts you can give to a person who has it all.


Incredible gifts for people who have everything

  1. If receiver loves baseball, how about throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game? This is a great way to honor this person with a privilege that is reserved exclusively for presidents, celebs or rich people. This gift will only set you back a couple thousand dollars.
  1. Tickets to an exclusive Oscar Party. For $1500, they can party like a super star in one of the most exclusive celebration in Los Angeles.
  1. A hover golf cart. If your guy is really rich, then he probably loves golf. For $58k, you can get an incredible hovering golf cart. Some of them moves on ground and on water as well.
  1. Flying car. If you thought this was impossible, then you don’t have the money to buy it. The flying car has been invented already, and you can get one for $279k. A company called Terrafugia has made this dream come true.
  1. Everybody likes music, and if you are shopping for a diva, then you should definitely consider some $4500 Dolce & Gabbana headphones.

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