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Musk believes Zuckerberg doesn’t understand the dangers of artificial intelligence

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Is artificial intelligence a threat? Depending on who you ask. For Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla and Spacex, is a real danger. However, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, says that is not that much.

Both technology geniuses represent different points of view about the pros and cons of artificial minds. And they just made it clear.

What Mark says

The creator of the social network took advantage of a live broadcast via his platform from his home in Palo Alto, California, while cooking a barbecue to accuse Testa’s owner of being catastrophic.

During the recording, in which he answered the questions from his followers, one of his callers asked his opinion about a recent Musk’s interview in which he said that his greatest fear for the future was artificial intelligence and that we have to be ” Proactive about its regulation. ”

He said he had a quite sharp opinion on that.  He believes that people can build things to make a better world. But, in addition, he is especially optimistic as far as artificial intelligence is concerned. He finally finished by saying that Musk is very irresponsible for saying that.

What Elon says

But Musk’s opinion is very different. And he soon made it public. He points out that Mark as a very limited understanding about artificial intelligence.

Musk began warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence for humans three years ago when, during a lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he said it was “the biggest threat to humanity”.

The technology entrepreneur created the San Francisco-based OpenAI Foundation to develop “safer artificial intelligence” and in March, he announced the founding of a new partnership called Neuralink, dedicated to connecting our brains to computers.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is another of the voices that have risen to talk about the dangers of artificial intelligence, as well as the celebrated physicist at Cambridge University Stephen Hawking. But Zuckerberg insists that artificial intelligence will make people’s lives better.

The thing is that he uses widely on Facebook through algorithms that allow to create customized announcements, news management, and identify photography.

Can Artificial Intelligence turn against us?

The debate is important: what risks are there that artificial intelligence can become in us against future? There are two positions: one party argues that if a machine achieved advanced intelligence, it would automatically know and care about human values and pose no threat. The opposing side holds that artificial intelligence would want to erase humans, either by revenge or by an intrinsic desire to survive.

The thesis of orthogonality suggests that we cannot assume that a superintelligence will necessarily share some of the final values stereotypically associated with wisdom, and intellectual development in humans. Nevertheless, the scholars of this subject assure that both points are wrong, because there is little reason to believe that a superintelligence will necessarily share human values, let alone the possibility of believing that it would attach intrinsic value to its own survival.

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