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3 Business Strategies for the 21st Century

Emily 11 de November del 2016 Business
As time passes by, new tech arises and business administrators need to keep up with them, not only regarding IT, but marketing as well. Also, through technological advancements it has been possible for a more and more companies of all sizes to gain access to things that used to be only for a select few.

Read on to learn three business strategies for the 21st century that can work for small and large companies alike.


Top business strategies for the modern world

Go mobile

Business administrators must find a way to make their business mobile friendly. Making the website of the company able to display properly on mobile devices is a huge help, as well as making an app, beacons and QR codes, among many other options. The reason of it all is simple: there has been a major increase in the percentage of people who use smartphones rather than desktop computers in the last two years, and the gap between them is expected to keep on growing.

Customer service

When there are many other companies to choose from, there’s no need for customers to stick to a specific business if they feel underappreciated – that is our scenario nowadays. By getting personal with them and establishing a connection, users feel they are listened to. It’s also possible to get feedback from them and provide the changes customers want and need. In an age where things are increasingly automated, having great customer service will set your brand apart.

Trend setting

Managers should avoid chasing trends as they go by – it’s important for a company to get noticed through their own ideas. It could be a mix of old and new, having both traditional marketing strategies with new ones. Doing so helps the company have their own image and thus stand out from all other companies in the same industry.

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