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Are you a chronic procrastinator? These attitudes betray you

pagoskawaii 15 de June del 2017 Business
Being a slave to distractions and bad habits prevents us from completing our daily tasks. Find out if you have these attitudes, and eliminate them name.

All people postpone things from time to time. Today’s psychology has stated that 20% of people are chronic procrastinators, which is alarming. Even worse, with the distractions that arises daily, the percentage of people suffering from this serious problem is increasing.

The issue.

This has become a problem. However, as entrepreneurs, we understand the challenge of trying to find the time to get all the work done. But if we waste time on insignificant tasks to avoid work and important responsibilities, you also need to find a way to break away from these habits that keep us from achieving the desired success.

Not that easy.

Changing is not easy for a procrastinator, starting is a challenge. Here are the main reasons why people tend to procrastinate and some tips and techniques to solve the problem:

  1. Feeling overwhelmed
Sometimes, when you feel consumed by the number of activities on your to-do list, deserting is easy. This can be true when you are faced with complicated tasks. Instead of focusing, you leave it. You tell yourself that you do not have the time to work on it. So, you must wait for the length of time you prolong to finish. However, this will not materialize.

Solution: divide the task into smaller parts. Divide the large tasks into smaller parts, do not take more than 15, 30 or 45 minutes to do them. Put them on your to-do list and start the feast!

  1. You have had a bad time
Often, people postpone their activities because they try to work against natural body rhythm. Circadian rhythms regulate our sleep, and wake cycles. When you are tired, it’s easy to play Scarlett O’Hara, and leave things for doing later. After all, tomorrow will be another day.

Solution: work at your best. Determine your peak time. Are you an early riser? Do you feel more active in the afternoon? Do you have a second air after dinner? It is very important to schedule and perform difficult, complicated or unpleasant tasks during these hours, so you can move forward.

  1. You hate homework
Everyone should do tasks that hates. Maybe it’s about billing, making calls to customers or calculating a budget. Whatever the dreaded task, it is very easy to postpone it. The problem is aggravated when you are ashamed of your dilation. This only makes the task harder to cope with, and the postponement becomes a negative spiral.

Solution: reward yourself. Combining a task, you do not want to do with a reward can help. Promise yourself to spend time on that book you have been wanting to start, or drink that glass of wine that you like, or that Netflix series that you want to watch so much. But first complete your duties.

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