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Frank Miller, the genius behind The Dark Knight

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Cartoonist and filmmaker from the United States. Frank Miller is an influential figure and collaborator in the work of visual entertainment, mostly lends his contributions to the publishers of Marvel and D.C. comics. He has a net worth of $40 million.

Frank Miller

Miller had his first job as a cartoonist in the editorial of Marvel Comics, where he was commissioned to immortalize the Spectacular Spider-Man in a crossover with Dare Devil, in 1980 he began to work for DC comics, and made the character Ronin, which was a samurai in a post-apocalyptic future, for this, Miller began to decorate the entire context in which the story unfolded mixing archetypes of European and Japanese designs.

In 1986, he returned to Marvel Comics to continue the work of Dare Devil and to make the script of the Born Again saga for which it was necessary accompaniment of David Mazzucchelli to help in the fields of graphic design cartoon miller uses parts Catholic icons to decorate the plot and synopsis, giving it a rather metaphorical meaning and perspective.

Frank Miller becomes famous because of its most beloved work: Batman, the Dark Knight Returns, which was a work made for DC Comics, where he presents a Batman of an advanced age, more somber and withdrawn from his work as Gothic hero and vigilante city, its plot is characterized by premonitions that this is a dystopian future where Superman, the most representative of DC comics hero, is often seeing as a villain.

Frank Miller

Frank Miller has been slowly giving great recognition of their work through their original and works that might be able to have much sociological and intellectual content, and therefore be a fairly momentous work for their fans; Frank Miller is without doubt an excellent storyteller.

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