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Know the origin of the fortune of the richest people in the technology world

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The technology industry is among the ones that earn the most money every year and its most important people not only receive the admiration of people, but also have a very large bank account.
Did you know that the richest man in the world comes from the technological world? Today we want to tell you who are the wealthiest people in the technology industry and what is the origin of their fortune.

4-. Mark Zuckerberg

The creator and CEO of Facebook do not need much presentation, since in addition to appearing frequently in the press and being the king of social networks, books and films talk about his controversial life.
At just 31, Mark Zuckerberg has already amassed a $ 41.2 billion bank account, though his entry to the billionaire club was at age 28 and never stopped growing.
Although Zuckerberg had complicated periods in his youth, with demands for plagiarism and controversy, today he has matured and works not only in his social network, but also in initiatives to equip the world with Internet and to educate young people to learn to work With code at an early age.

3-. Jeff Bezos

The creator and CEO of Amazon, not only is an ultra billionaire with a fortune that reaches $ 47.8 billion, but also controversial. Not for nothing last year they chose him as the worst boss in the world.
Jeff Bezos was a pioneer in online commerce and today Amazon not only sells, but also creates technological products, forming an empire that does not stop growing and give positive results.
If we compare his fortune with the most important in the world, Jeff Bezos would be in the 15th place among the richest on the planet.

2-. Larry Ellison

While globally owning the fifth most important fortune, if we consider the technological characters Larry Ellison is left in second place. His name is not so well known.
Larry Ellison started his career as a computer expert and in 1977 he founded Oracle, a company responsible for software development like Oracle Database and Oracle JDeveloper, among others, which are used mostly in the professional world.
With a fortune of $ 54.3 billion dollars, his life is quite eccentric and there is no place for saving, enjoying his incredible amount of money, besides having an excellent eye for business, so that his patrimony always continues to grow.

1-. Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft spends half of his time dedicated to charity, but that does not mean that Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, with an estimated fortune of $ 79.2 billion dollars.
Billions of Gates come mainly from the success of Microsoft, which he founded in 1975 with Paul Allen and is also one of the people who knew Steve Jobs, although their relationship was not always friendly.

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