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Lessons from Leonardo DiCaprio for entrepreneurs

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This man is not only an actor, he is also an entrepreneur, and he seeks to raise awareness about the situation on the planet. Here we tell you what you can learn from him. Leonardo DiCaprio has become an exemplary character, as he takes advantage of his position to raise awareness about global warming, intelligent water management, biodiversity conservation, wildlife protection and fair trade.

When did he start?

Since 1988, he has invested much of his time in his own foundation The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Which works for the health and well-being of the living beings that inhabit the Earth, which, with the help of collaborators, create innovative projects that protect endangered species, and at the same time contributes to the ecosystem balance, and threatened communities.

Besides being an actor and environmentalist, he is also an entrepreneur. He has invested in fair trade companies like Runa, a brand that distributes organic teas and natural energy drinks made from a plant native to Ecuador called guayusa. About 3,000 indigenous families cultivate it and the company hires them directly. The aim is to ensure the future of these communities.

There is no doubt that DiCaprio is one of those people from whom we can learn valuable things, here are some lessons:

  1. What matters is how you deal with failure.
However, despite how talented he is, DiCaprio has been in the face of failure many times. However, he has never complained or made any scene like other actors. On the contrary, he invests his time in finding better roles. Life will always present obstacles, but it is up to you how to face them and overcome them to reach your goals.

  1. Dare to Be Different.
Today being the same is very conventional, why do not you dare to be different and leave your own trace?

DiCaprio has been in many films with very different roles from one another, however, he has not been afraid to adapt to them. He simply dares to experiment with new things and enjoys it.

  1. Success is not destiny.
This actor has been in both bad films and good movies. He waited 21 years to win the Oscar, one of the most desired and valuable for any actor.

Although most of his films have been successful, he did not get the recognition he deserved. However, this was not a reason to stop, on the contrary, it was a stimulus to keep going. You can be very talented in what you do, but you must keep in mind that success does not come overnight.

  1. Do not stay in your comfort zone for long.
There is no doubt that DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors, he can do an incredible job in every role. But how does he do it?

He knows that the only way to find better opportunities is to get out of the comfort zone and take a chance. It’s hard but it’s worth doing.Leonardo DiCaprio is definitely a great example to follow.

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